Students Testimonials

Agilaadeswari Vasuthevan (RSMU 2nd Year)

Greetings everyone,

I am Agilaandeswari Vasuthevan ,currently 3rd year medical student  of Russian National Research Medical University of moscow.As a proud student   of this medical university,would like to thank MEDIC ED for opening up  the  pathways to pursue my dream in becoming a medical doctor.
Being a student of such diversified course of study,ive given the chance to expand my knowledge and also my contacts all over the world,which i hope, this will take me to greater heights.MEDIC ED have created an easy living environment for me in foreign land.My heartfelt grattitude to DR.HO for his guidance ,assistance,and encouragements (with a little display of humour) and not forgetting the MEDIC ED staffs,whom have been always there to assist me  in the most effective and least complicated manner.I have no qualms about recommending MEDIC ED to anybody who requires assistance in medical studies in overseas.

Corine Chua (RSMU, 1st Year)

Medic-ed provides me the chance to pursue my medical course in Russia at an affordable cost. Studying in Russia really makes me  learn a lot in my life. Learn to be independent, learn how to solve problems, Russian cultures and of course medical knowledge. I also had many unforgettable n meaningful experiences there that i will not have in Malaysia.
All these made me into a stronger and tougher person so that I can survive in the future society. 
thank you...
Corine =)

Gan Xia Shin (USU, 3rd Year)

Hi Medic Ed! It’s been really long since our first encounter. Dated back in exactly year 2009. Wow, that’s 3 years ago. I remember the time when I first consult with Medic Ed and I was very confused at first on where to pursue my dentistry course. There were so many colleges and universities to choose from. I was a little unsure on whether to do it locally or overseas too but with the help of Medic Ed, I’m now studying in Universitas Sumatera Utara. It is definitely a privilege to be able to study in this university.
At first, my parents and I were a little unsure on the universities offered but Medic Ed has gave us the relevant information on each universities’ credibility, recognisation and the help that Medic Ed extended to me while I am going through the tough times when my family  as having financial issues before sending me to Indonesia to pursue my dentistry course. Medic Ed helped me with the interest free loan and now I’m able to fulfill my dream to study dentistry. My sincere appreciation towards everyone in Medic Ed who directly and indirectly helped me in securing my place in Universitas Sumatera Utara.
Xia Shin =)


Ooi Yee Heng (RSMU, 3rd Year)

Hi, I am Ooi Yi Heng, RNRMU 4th year student. I am glad to have this chance to share my testimony. There is no man without an ambition in life. Some aspire to be rich, many crave for power, some hanker after name and fame, position, and social status in life. But for me, honor, and power do not last long. Everything seems to be fated. I had a strong desire to become a doctor since Form 3 and I want to serve humanity. I understand, the feeling of “wanted to be helped” of patients when the pain tortures is really can’t be explained and described by words. Just believe it or not, no one in this world will never ever not getting sick. Is it true? So, it means, everyone needs help!! I am going to enter my 5th year course this September 2012. The journey to my life goal as a doctor is nearer and nearer. Sometimes I really can’t wait to graduate!!
Recalled back the moment of hardship fighting over the language barrier during our classes until the end of all final examinations in 4th year, in short, I really can say:”It was really not easy.” But, with the strong determination and the power of dream, many of my friends and I did it!! Handling all types of difficulties, we still can get the results we aim for. We can, why not you? Let me share something, the founder of the formulae E=mc2, Albert Einstein had a very encouraging quote that deeply impressed me. He said:”…because people say can’t, I prove it!” People might say language barrier is the highest “level” to pass in order to pursue degree in Russia, I believe, if we, as students, really work hard, language barrier is just an excuse for us to give up, because, no one can stop anyone to succeed. If you work hard, you will get what you want. One more issue, few months ago, I read about news in Malaysia saying that “Russia graduates do not really well-practiced and know nothing.” That time when I read about this issue, I was really in great sorrow. I think to myself, are Russian graduates really don’t know anything? Russia universities are highly reputed and widely accepted by EU countries. During world conference, the respects given by other EU countries member to Russian researchers and professors are really honored and not a joke. In addition, there are some Nobel’s prize winner are also lecturers in my university! We are students of the prize winner, will we really know nothing?! Never mind, instead of arguing over this issue and being sorrow, what my friends and I can do now is to study harder and harder and to prove, we are the best graduates compared to others! On top of it, after graduated, we, as Russia graduates learn one extra language which belonged to the largest country in this beautiful world named Russia!! This is not to denied, a bonus to us.
Besides, I would like to take this opportunity to place on record my heartiest and sincere appreciation for the valuable and excellent services rendered by Medic Ed Consultant in executing the work entrusted. The excellent service provided by Medic Ed Company is proven with result. In addition, the incentive for excellent students provided by Medic Ed is a very strong motivator for me to work hard and never give up. The prizes received from Medic Ed past 3 years are really so unbelievable. This consultant company is really everything!! I am looking forward for my 4th year present^^
Last but not least, I will continue to work hard and I do hope all my juniors and seniors, no matter which university, together we work hard and be the best doctors to help and save as many people as we can and I wish Medic Ed Consultant continue their best services for students. Thanks lots!
Yours sincerely,
Ooi Yi Heng.

Rina Rachel (RSMU 2nd Year)

I am Rina Rachel John,currently going into my 2nd year of studies at the First Moscow State Medical University,Russia.
I thought i wouldn't be able to continue my 2nd year due to financial difficulties but thank God all is well.
A huge thanks Dr Lau from the bottom of my heart for giving me the Medic Ed interest free loan for my 2nd year of studies in Russia.I would like to thank
Dr Ho and Ms Kim for helping me to get this loan as well.Medic Ed is truly the best agent as i have not faced any difficulties while preparing to go to Russia last year and they have always been there to help me out in every way they can.
Once again i would take this opportunity to thank Medic Ed for giving me this Interest Free Loan.

Tai Choo Jiat (USU 5th Year)

Greetings everyone. Here’s a short testimonial to my agent, Medic Ed. I think they are more than just an agent. Apart from just performing an agent’s job, they actually helped me in many ways that I think many others may not be able to help. When I first consulted Medic Ed, I was still unsure on my goals and directions. Whether to go Medicine, Dentistry or Pharmacy course. What I know is that I was pretty lost back then as I really wanted to study in either one of the fields but my parents were having financial difficulties in supporting me to study abroad. I thought that all hopes were gone and I was already in the brick of studying a simple certificate and go out to work in the future until I met Medic Ed. Not only they helped me to get myself back on track and cleared up my thoughts to study Dentistry, they even helped me out during the times where I needed aid the most. Not to go into much detail but I’m really determined in becoming a dentist in the future, so I took up the course with the help of Medic Ed’s interest free loan. Eventhough there maybe some hassle because of the loan application process, but deep inside my heart, I know it’s for my future so I am willing to face the hassle on applying the loan, not mentioning the university application process. Eventhough the process maybe a hassle but the admins in Medic Ed took care of my application thoroughly. Gracias to Medic Ed’s admins. I know that this maybe a little late for the testimonial but I hope it will brighten up the faces of everyone in Medic Ed with this. I will be coming back soon, I can’t wait to visit you guys back in Malaysia. Till then, see you.
Yours truly,
Tai Choo Jiat

Veshny Ganesan (RSMU 3rd Year)

I'm Veshny Ganesan from RSMU,Moscow 3rd year student.I approach Medic-Ed to persue my studies in Medicine in RSMU,Moscow,I was very happy with the assistance given to us during our application to study Medicine in RSMU,Moscow.
When we reach Moscow on the 1st day all are happy of the arrangement made by Medic Ed given during our 1st day reach in Moscow.The Hospitality are well arrange for us in RSMU Hostel.They also have service supported office in Moscow if you need any assistance. Myself and parents are was very happy of the service given by Medic Ed office in Kuala Lumpor to us during my studies in RSMU,Moscow.
Whenever you walk in to Medic Ed office the staff are very please to assist you in all ways to help you. I hope Medic Ed will continue to provide the assistance through out our studies. That all for now from me. Thank you.

Chong Met Cheng (USU 4th Year)

Medic Ed is the best guidance for our future !

Musmalini Humairah (1st Year USU)

Medic Ed is a good consultant. They care about their students. They gave us the briefing, what to do next, the things to buy and everything not like other agents, I’m thankful for being under this consultant.Besides that they will handle us until we graduate.

Tan Kim Keat (RSMU, 2nd Year)

Thank you Medic Ed. With Medic all my problems are easily solved and I can concentrate my study in RSMU without any worry.

Tan Yee Xin

I made true friend who helped me whenever I encounter difficulties.
I will always remember the time we spent in Russia when I return to my    home country!
Thank you Medic Ed.

Chang Mun Yee (MMA 2011)
Photo Contest 1st Prize Winner Testimonial

First of all,I really appreciate Medic Ed for giving me a chance to fulfill my dream as a doctor in Moscow,Russia.I am honored to have been selected as the first prize winner for this photo contest,it seems like almost a gift from above.I never thought that i will win this contest because i thought there were a lot of participants and the winning percentage for me is extremely low.Yea,so i just submitted the photos that i think it's suits the theme and guess what,i won this contest !! Oh my God,it's unbelievable !! I was like so happy and shocked ! At last,I will like to thanks Medic Ed again for this BIG surprise.I will study hard and not forget to enjoy my medical student's life in Moscow.
Thankyou very,very,very much, Linda Chang    

Chew Tong Seng (MMA 1st Year)

Dr Ho, I think I had meet the wrong person at the wrong time for all over my life. But this time I feel I am lucky to meet you and Medic Ed... I had struggle very hard in order to get this chance to be in Moscow and I hope you can help me with this challenging path...Thank you very much for realising my wish to study medicine. Wish to see your hansome face at Moscow soon ya ^^ Thank you once again...

Goh Yen Ling (RSMU, 1st Year)

Thanks MEDIC ED for giving me the opportunity to pursue my medical degree in Russia. They help me settle all those annoying documents & assist me in getting loan. Because of MEDIC ED, I can fully concentrate on my studies. If you too have a dream to be a doctor, just come to MEDIC ED, they will provide you the ideal services. And if you do have any enquiries, don't hesitate, they will be there to solve your problems. MEDIC ED the agent you can trust!
From: Goh Yen Ling

Ivan Yeoh Aun Yee (MMA, 1st Year)

I would like to sincerely thank Medic Ed for the good and efficient services all these while. Thank you for helping all the students in Russia when we need help and always being the one whom we can seek for.



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